Our Black Business Communities Need YOU! If YOU Could Find A Website That Gave You Access To Black Businesses; That Supplied Every Resource You Needed, Would YOU Spend With Them And Only Them? Would You STOP Making Excuses To Justify Buying Gucci, Prada And Other High-End Brands That Do NOT Support YOUR Community.

Of Course Every One Doesn’t Say This, But For Those Who Do, Would YOU STOP Saying Black Prices Are To High And Their Customer Service Is Poor, Especially When YOU Know That As A Race We Have Been Disadvantaged In Every Way, And With All The Past, Present And Continued Future Injustice That We ALL Have Seen Or Experienced, Now Is The Time More Than Ever Before To Support And Show Love To Our Black Business Communities.

It’s The Only Way To Get Officials Attention, And Totally Sway The Economics Of This Country And How Our Money Is Spent. Everything Starts And Ends With YOU! YOU Can Spend Your Money In Support Of Black Businesses Locally and Nationally On
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"The major sources of wealth and cause for wealth gap are inheritances and “in life” transfers. Racial differences in access to resources to transfer to the next generation is the biggest reason.” The practices of enslavement, violence, Jim Crow, discrimination and dispossession of property have kept generations of African Americans from accruing the type of wealth that whites have today.


How it Works

Amazing platform to purchase from Black-Owned Businesses in your community or across the nation, BLACK Dollars Chief Mission is to change the disparities within our communities (You Can Register As A Consumer or Business Owner)


FREE Business Directory Benefits

Consumers and Businesses Can Buy From Other Black Owned Businesses
Locate Local and or National Businesses
Network With Other Black Owned Business
Sell Products and Services To Black Owned Businesses


  What Is The BLACK Business Alliance? It’s a Membership Based Opportunity for business owners to turn your business and entrepreneurial dream into a wildly profitable and rapid growth reality!

Membership Has Many Exclusive Benefits –Join Today!

Get everything that’s in our FREE Classified Consumer and Business Directory PLUS…

Advertise and Email Blast to BLACK Dollars Growing List! We offer Featured and Premium Listings, Banner Ads, Event Banners, Event Marketing Packages and More.


FREE Stuff and Insider Business Building Secrets
Get really free templates and basic business building concepts and secrets that most businesses only wish they knew!


Access to Expert Speakers, Thought Leaders, and Our Black Web Directory
There’s websites that promote black speakers, but we go one step further, we’ll let you hear their powerful messages through inteviews and their workshops


Workshops/Webinars/ Video Interviews
We are the only online black site where you can watch live and or recorded workshops, webinars and video interviews of leaders in business and marketing, sales and advertising.


Marketing Consulting and Coaching Services
We offer PROVEN Marketing Consulting (Done 4 You) and Coaching (Email Dripped) Programs that helps you increase your profits and gain rapid business growth. The key to getting 25% to 100% plus growth rates which typically results in an additional $10,000 to $1,000,000 in profits. A little improvement in each area will have dramatic overall results that lead to Exponential Growth.


Lead Generation Programs
There is no such thing as a traffic or lead generation problem! There are only three things that you need all the time, here’s a hint: The Maximum Amount of High-Paying Traffic, Leads, and a Strategic Sales System That Will Convert That Traffic and Leads Into Clients, Customers or Patients Who Keep Coming Back and Referring Others To Your Business Over and Over Again. And it is this you must pay for in order to “Stack Paper.”


Joint Venture Opportunities
In the early days of your business, it could prove difficult to attract the right joint venture partners. It stands to reason that the more established companies won’t gain as much benefit from a joint venture with a new business with much fewer resources. But once a strategic partner on the same level as yourself is found, then there are many benefits to joint venture marketing:

• More interest and enquiries
• More revenue
• Increases scope, reach and exposure
• Increases credibility
• Bigger mailing list
• Wider online content
• More links for SEO
• More traction in social media
• Increases website traffic
• Faster marketing


Back-End Marketing Services
You’ll earn considerably more money on the Back-End, with ongoing client, customer or patient follow up; up selling and cross selling services and products, winning lost or past clients back, gaining more referrals plus a whole lot more

And we are just getting warmed up...Learn more... 

Earn $15 per BLK Dollars Membership Referral, Just 10 business referrals per week (2 a day) equals and extra $150 per week, $600 per month. There’s no limit on how many referrals you can make!!! 
3 Little Known Secrets to rapidy profit and grow your business within 90 days
5 ways to increase your profits no matter what industry you’re in
Learn why focusing on branding rather than profits may kill your business, and hinder your retirement
The truth about how the IRS views most black owned businesses and what you can do to dispel their views
How to get a 100% to 300% increase in referrals
...and much, much more will be added, daily, weekly and monthly

This guide is a $17 value, but we’re giving it to you FREE for a limited time. This impartial report — written by a professional marketing specialist — covers all the things you need to know in order to hire the right Marketing Consultant, so that you experience mega profits and explosive growth in your business, including:

• What exactly is a marketing consultant, and what do they do? • How can a marketing consultant help my business? • What are the different types of marketing? • Recommended resources plus much more!

As an entrepreneur and small business owner – I know the struggles you may be going through right now. You’re probably busier than ever putting out fires and running your day-to-day operations. 

But you’re also frustrated by stagnant or declining sales and shrinking profits. Or maybe you’re a market leader needing fresh new ideas to stay ahead of the competition!

Inside you’ll find 11 Key Concepts To Boosting Your Sales, Cash Flow and Profits NOW By Turning Your Business Into A Customer-Focused Marketing Machine! To succeed in business, you need to attract customers. Not just first-time customers, but those who continue to buy from you on a regular basis again and again. Customers put you in business in the first place…and allow you keep your enterprise operating.

Few businesses fail when they have a steady stream of customers willing to spend money in exchange for their product or service. Companies that establish workable systems to consistently attract customers are those most likely to succeed in the long term.

Download Both Reports Now And Learn Some Key Concepts! 

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